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This really simple for people that are looking to have a private home or office nails services

Medical Facility

Specialty in medical pedicure for those people suffering from ingrown nails, calluses, fungus.

Mobile visits


“Always prompt, wonderful service. I’ve been to many salons over the years and was thrilled to find My Nails Clinic. I won’t go anywhere else.”

- Mary L.

“My father was recently hospitalized and, as an unfortunate result of ongoing treatment, his fingernails became brittle, flaky, and broken. My mother and I tried to repair his nails, but professional care was necessary. I contacted Marina (after finding her company online) and she came to my father  at the hospital. She was friendly, caring, and experienced; not only did she brighten my father’s day, she left his nails looking great! He was incredibly pleased. I highly recommend My Nails Clinic to anyone looking for a highly personalized nail care experience…”

- Hannah M.

“I bought an in home manicure and pedicure for my mom for her birthday and she loved it. I was concerned she wouldn’t feel comfortable with a random stranger in the house but the technician made her feel very comfortable. Great service, great job and a great gift!”

- Tyler G.

“You really don’t understand what your service has done for me. I have a hard time going to a manicure salon or for a pedicure and the fact that you come and make me feel so good about myself is such a treat…”

- Deborah C.

“Best experience I have had at a nail salon in a long time! Was treated very kindly and made felt welcome! Marina does beautiful work!”

- Jessica S.