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Men’s Grooming Habits

It’s been a growing trend for a decade now. Men continue to care more and more about their appearance, which usually includes hair and facial grooming, tailored clothes, even sophisticated accessories like watches, hats, and ties. Dressing well and looking refined helps distinguish boys from men.

At My Nails Clinic, we take pride in being able to create a comfortable environment for men to come in and treat themselves to men’s nail care.


Our trained nail technician knows how to spot fungus and infections that live in the nails, feet, and hands and understand when to advise someone to see a medical professional. By not getting a pedicure you’re missing out on the opportunity to have a trained professional see any signs that there are any issues looming, especially for your feet.

Even for bad habits like nail biting and people who habitually pick at their nails and cuticles, getting manicures and pedicures can help reduce those bad habits.