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People With Diabetes

Is it Safe to Get a Pedicure if You Have Diabetes? People with diabetes are at greater risk for developing a foot ulceration or infection, which could lead to amputation if it becomes severe. In fact, foot problems are Stanford spa the number one complication that put diabetics in the hospital each year.

Because diabetics have to be so careful about keeping their feet healthy and preventing infection, proper nail care takes on a whole new level of importance for them. This gives everyone — including diabetics — a beautiful, comfortable place to have their nails done. My nails clinic follows the same cleanliness standards as a hospital.

A specialty Diabetic Pedicure

Good choice for patients who have their diabetes under control and do not have severe peripheral arterial disease. Here in our medical-grade nail spa, our nail technician is licensed professionals who understand the anatomy of the foot, diseases of the skin and nails, and the complications associated with diabetes.

If you come to us for a Diabetic Pedicure, your nail technician will check your feet carefully for open wounds, pressure spots, infections or other signs that may indicate a problem. And, a board-certified podiatrist is always nearby if your technician finds anything that requires medical attention.